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Defraggler Disc Health question

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There doesn't look to be anything wrong with that, all sectors saying OK.


Realloacted Sector Count means ...


Realloacted Sector Count = INVISIBLE bad sectors that have been swapped with reserve sectors. These sectors are NO LONGER VISIBLE to your operating system and as such can NEVER cause any more problems.


Taken from here, post #3:


Just keep an occasional check on this, and watch out for the Realloacted Sector Count rising.


You can leave it at that, or ....



Just to show how difficult it can sometimes be to decide to recognize and do something about warnings like this ... the Defraggler state for my System Drive comes up as "Good", and HDTune has flagged it as "Failed". Just the opposite to your results.




Both programs show the same figures as well.


So the moral of this is it's hard to decide as to the best course of action, as my HD has been showing that state for about 9 months now and is still going strong. That might be the case with your drive.


My advice, which is what I did myself when the warning popped up first from Windows and confirmed by HDTune is to ...


Firstly, run an Error Scan with HDTune, and see how that pans out.




Secondly, get a second (or third) opinion by downloading a dedicated Drive Diagnostics program, and I've got your drive down as a "Western Digital Scorpio Blue (SATA)", which is what I've linked you to ...




You can either download the "Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS (CD)" which you burn to CD as an "Image" and then boot your PC with it, or download the "Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows" which you just run as a normal program. The Windows version contains a portable and an Installation file. Just click the "WinDlg.exe" inside the folder you unzip to, and it will run.


(My Samsung Diagnostics tool tells me my drive is OK in all tests.)


Clicking on either link on that page will give you the relevant instructions further down the page. You don't have to carry out any write tests, just take note of the "Smart" information.




Thirdly, organize a reliable back up of that drive, and I'm assuming it's your System Drive so it's important to do this.


You can make reliable "Disk Image" backups of your drive with an Imaging program like "Macrium Reflect" (Free Version).




To do this, you would need a separate partition on your hard drive, or a second drive, internal or external. CD/DVD Images are possible, but I wouldn't suggest doing that if you have a second drive/partition.


There's a lot of information on this forum about Macrium, just do a search. Lots of us use it so advice is plentiful.


If you can't go to an "Image" of your system, make sure all your important data is backed up.




Finally, you don't have to do any of this as your drive may have a long life ahead of it, but because you have had a warning from Defraggler, I would prepare for any future problems.


This is something most of the guys on here do as a matter of course as you never know when a System Drive is gonna go down the pan. Viruses, System Failures, Hard Drive failures etc..


An Image Backup can be restored to your current drive (System type failure), or a new Hard Drive (HD type failure). No need for the nightmare of reinstalling Windows.


This seems a lot to throw at you, but it's pretty straightforward, and worth the effort to prepare for anything that may jump up and bite you sometime in the future.


Anything you need clarification on just ask, and we'll do our best.


Hope that helps.



EDIT: One option I didn't mention is to just replace your hard drive. But I shouldn't think that would be necessary.

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