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Some Speccy readings are wrong

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I installed Speccy 1.13.276 on my new system with a TA75M motherboard. It is a wonderful tool but the temperature readings for CPU, System, and Video are in the 30s and 40s F which of course is impossible. The Cpu fan speed shows 13 rpm and that is way wrong. The 12V and 5V readings are also wrong. These readings are OK in BIOS. I would really like to have these features working in Speccy.

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Answers to this question seem to be lost in the forum rollback


I will attempt to reanswer as I had previously, and also post the reply recieved (thank goodness the email system printes the whole reply on notifications)


I believe I had asked why you though the temps were wrong and suggested that another user might be abole to suggest another program that used WMI to compare and see if speccy was indeed wrong, or if the MB was presenting WMI with bad information. To which hardlydoneyet replied:


Because ambient is in the 70s and 80s F. Far as I know thermoelectric cooling isn't in any of my chips. Hard drive temp looks about right though if that's any clue but that doesn't show up in BIOS. Right now it is 70F here and Speccy says my CPU is at 34F


If a program turns up to test your theory I will be glad to try to help. Let me know and tell me what you want me to do. My guess is that maybe Speccy doesn't know how to communicate with the new Biostar boards yet.


Anyone one else using Speccy with these?


it could be that if this board is new enough speccy may not be able to read it correctly (this is a guess only and may not be valid)

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Thank you for your interest Nergal. Well yes that is my guess also. My main reason for posting here is to let Piriform know about it and maybe get it on their list to correct.


I am really impressed with what Speccy can do for me, it is a wonderful program. To have the temps and fan speeds also working would be a blessing.

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