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Indication of chances for a successful recovery

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I'm a new user of Recuva and have a slight problem with the program. Therefore I started to read the forum and came across posts like:




where users have asked for colour coding the "recoverability" of files.

I'm using v1.40.525 and indeed I see that coloured dots are used.


So you clearly listen to your users, for which I'm very glad!


While colour is helpful, one cannot rely on colour alone to convey information.

Between 7-10% (!) of the male population suffers from some sort of colour vision deficiency, and I'm one of them.

It is very difficult -almost impossible- for me to distinguish which files are recoverable and which files are not.


So I would suggest the following:

- Use a green ROUND symbol for 'excellent' (as is the case now).

- Use an orange TRIANGLE symbol (or a square) for 'acceptable'.

- Use a red HEXAGONAL symbol for 'unlikely' (like a stop sign).


That way, everybody can see at a glance what the chances are to recover a file.

This small modification to the program would increase the usability enormously.


Thank you.


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I'm going to +1 this one. Colors could (possibly) be chosen in the same manner as defraggler's custom colors. the shapes idea is an awesome idea.

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I hope that if this is implemented, it is added as an option, & not a default.


Kind of like how Defraggler has options to change colors/block sizes/etc, but it's an option, & not default.

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@DennisD, @Nergal: thanks for the positive feedback!

I've downloaded the newest version 1.41.537 but my suggestion is not implemented yet (which is perfectly normal because the version was released only a fortnight after my post). That said, how can I be sure that the devs have read this post?


@Super Fast:

I would do it the other way round: make it default in the Wizzard on first time use and let the user change the icons afterwards via advanced mode.


Otherwise it completely defeats the purpose!

The program must be usable for everyone, out of the box, instantly. This has nothing to do with eye candy.


The first usage of Recuva always has a sense of urgency. You accidently delete files, google for a solution, find Recuva, download and run it. At least, that's what happened to me when I deleted a folder with a few thousand photos on someone else's laptop. During such "emergencies", the last thing you want to do is waste time to figure out whether or not the icons can be changed into (more) discernible ones.


Anyway, all files were eventually recovered - thanks to Recuva.



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That's good news Wim, I'm pleased you retrieved all your stuff.


The devs do supposedly read all suggestions, but sometimes it can take a while for even good ones to be implemented. However, there's no reason why you can't make a suggestion more than once.


If there appears to be nothing happening over a couple of updates, bang your suggestion in again as it's a particularly helpful one.


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It's 7.5 years and 12 versions later now.

It is really pathetic to see that nothing has happened all that time.

How hard can it be to change 3 bitmaps?


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