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Incorrect informations WD hard disk SATA-600 / Asus P6X58D

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Hello all,


Faithful user, I take this post to thank you for your very useful program.

I work now with an Asus P6X58D with 2 x Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 3,5'' 1To 64 mo 7200 t/m SATA III under Windos 7/64.


Speccy doesn't show the good informations about the hard dirives :( but surprisingly they are correct with Defraggler !

To help you to search and fix this bug I attach the screenshots Speccy (Summary + Hard Drives), Defraggler (Health) and one with SIW.


Thank you in advance for your reply and keep up the great work..


(excuse me for my poor english)





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Thank you for your readiness to respond and let me know the result.

In fact I doing not too bad using the Google translator and the remains of my English school ;-)

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