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Release 2.07 and wrong SSD detection -

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I am only worried if that is able to kill my 2,5 HDD if I use application for defragment??


Not to worry. :) You can verify the details etc with manufacturer.


Start\All Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Information\Components\Storage\Disks,

right click and copy model number, paste in Google search to get details from manufacturer.


(model number also probably listed in Control Panel\Device Manager\Disk Drives)

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OK so here we are over 6 years later and this appears to have resurfaced in ver 2.22.995

I'm working on an Acer Travelmate 5760 from approx late 2007, Windows 7 64 and a WD WD3200BPVT disk which according to the specs on any website I care to look at is a 5,400 rpm spinning metal 320 GB disk, but Defraggler by default shows the "Optimise" button instead of "Defrag", and if I try defrag it warns me that the disk "appears to be SSD" etc etc.

Interesting, yes?


P.S. Speccy 1.29.714 correctly identifies the model no and rpm speed

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