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WHEN is the SLIM build?

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Now, before the moderators get their knickers in a twist, I am not asking ?where is the slim build??, I am asking ?when is the slim build??.


It has been ten days now, since the latest release. We are not talking a few days here, but ten days. That is 1/3rd of a month.


Were the moderators successful at killing the slim build?

Is there some delay in creating the slim build?

Has Google exerted their heavy hand on the Piriform management regarding the slim build and its, heaven forbid, absence of their precious adware/spyware/virus option?


Remember, Piriform says:

100% Spyware FREE

This software does NOT contain any Spyware, Adware or Viruses.


One could argue, since the majority of users simply skip the check box for the Google option, that CCleaner is, in fact, a Trojan to get Google on your PC. Once that happens, a host of other things can happen. The biggest, of course, is Google counting on monitoring your web habits. Perhaps Piriform should rethink their claim about ?100% Spyware Free?.


Also, to all those who will jump on this thread and say that the slim build is not needed, that is not the question I asked. If you do not know WHEN the slim build will be available, or the answer to any of my other questions, then you really need not respond.



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We usually try to release the SLIM build about 2-3 days after the main release.


This time the release of CCleaner coincided with the forum problems we're having and the change in the Downloads section so it took us a little longer.


We apologize for that and we'll try not to keep you waiting next time :)

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