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Kim P.

X-lation problem etc.

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There is a translation into finnish using a dll -file. It has however two buttons which in english are called "Pause" and "Stop". In finnish both now are called "Pys?yt?" for some reason. They should be called "Keskeyt?" and "Pys?yt?", so the one on the left is translated wrong. Because the corrected word would be one letter too long, I did not edit the lang-1035.dll with a hexeditor.

When I install the program to work in finnish, that is the only dll -file needed to be copied in the installation. Yet and still the installation program copies damn many unnecessary files into the subfolder, which is annoying. Could the not needed ones finally be left out, or then the user first asked how to set up the installation? BTW. this goes for all Piriform programs.



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Can any other Finnish speakers confirm this?

Ron, you can paste what the above user said into the free online google translate to verify this is the correct spelling.


I posted one of the texts into the box, & it told me that it was Cancel in English, so I am going to presume the speaker above was 100% right

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