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Spin Up Time Decreased

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Hi Knightmare.


It could be coincidence it happened after the iTunes install, and simply mean that your drive is showing signs of failing.


However, I received a pop up warning from Windows months ago, that I should back up all my data and replace the system drive as it was in imminent danger of failing because it failed the SMART test on "SpinUp" time.


Not to take Windows at it's word, I decided to get some sort of second opinion, and I found a dedicated Samsung utility, HUTIL, from this site.




I've ran that a number of times, and my drive passes all the tests each and every time, so I've no intention of changing the drive, but I do have an all important Image back up of my System Drive just in case.


Made with Macrium Reflect: (Free Version)


I don't suggest ignoring the spin up time warning, but your drive may be fine for a long time. However you need to have a System Drive back up just in case.


Your choice of course, but that's what I'm doing, and 6 months later my drive is still arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.


Just kiddin, my drive is still fine.

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