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CCleaner and all others have a strange text style

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I'm a Windows Seven SP1 64bit user that has noticed a strange graphic bug on all Piriform softwares.

Basically the text is too big and bold, a screen is attached.


What can I do?


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Have you installed IE9?

That seems to be a common complaint of IE9 causing

bold/large and/or ClearType problems. Both in

programs and websites.


You might browse Microsoft Answers/Internet Explorer

forum if the solution isn't found here.

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Some programs are affected by IE text size and fonts settings, although I'm not able to get CCleaner to show big bold fonts changing it.



Make a System Restore Point before changing the IE settings, that way you have an easy way to undo anything should the need arise:


* You could look into this area of IE, and make sure it's set to Medium which is the default setting, screenshot:



* Also the fonts you have IE configured to use can possibly mess with some programs, go into Internet Options to access them, screenshot:



Other than that it could be how you have your Windows Theme font settings configured. I must say I wish CCleaner had the option built in to change the font size it uses which is now too small for my eyes.

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