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Does Running CCleaner Damage Or Remove ANY Norton Internet Security 2011?

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Hello. I have a quick question -- maybe it is 'quick'.


Are there any issues between Norton Internet Security 2011 and Piriform's CCleaner???


When you run CCleaner's "Cleaner", does it damage or remove *any* files or folders associated with installed Norton Internet Security 2011?


Please reply.


Thank you!

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I don't understand why you would post a similar topic when you already have this going on: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=31164&st=0&p=185928&hl=norton&fromsearch=1entry185928

I did search the CCleaner forum for any Norton related issues and found none and if I were you, I'd take Andavari's advice.


If CCleaner is causing BitDefender some grief the first things I'd do are:

1. If BitDefender has any self-protection module built-in make sure it's enabled (for reference Avast has such a thing and nothing can mess with it).

2. Untick the cleaning of it in CCleaner, that is if CCleaner even offers to clean it.

3. Input exclusions into CCleaner for all BitDefender folders located in ("Program Files", "AppData", etc.), and registry locations.

4. Open up your user profile Temp folder and even the "C:\Windows\Temp" folder and look for any possible BitDefender files that may get stored in there, i.e.; downloaded updates/patches, etc., although it would be very odd for anything of value to be stored in a Temp folder.


Issues can come from just having an expected empty update folder deleted and non-existent, such as the case in the past with Microsoft Security Essentials temporarily storing signature file downloads in Windows\Temp.

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@ ishan_ruiz:


Hello. Thanks for your response.


I was looking for a quick answer for someone to tell me if there are any established and known issues like file removal or damage to NIS 2011 by CCleaner? Yes, I can do these steps you outlined in your last post here for my own testing regardless. ;) I was just looking for experts here to give me a decisive yes or no to my question outside my own experiences. Norton Internet Security 2011 is well established software and well known.




@ all:


If there are any issues, please reply.



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If you do not trust Norton to survive the tender embrace of CCleaner,

then it has no hope if malware should ever get to your machine.



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