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Macrium Image, Clone and dead HD

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Dennis reminded me to post my results about restoring image to new HD..so here it is...


I restored Macrium images to new HD. OS and everything were restored 100% and booted fine.. no need for factory CD..

So image restored to New HD and booted fine as Macrium was designed to do...

But same effort failed before too...so go figure !!!


Anyway, Dennis thought forum might benefit from my experiment..hope it helped.


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Tiger, I'm very quietly ecstatic here that it's worked out for you in the end.


I'm sure a lot of other folk will be pleased to hear of your success installing an Image to a new hard drive.


Well done.

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Dead: probably not (though I'm not particularly familure with Macrium)


Dying (clicking but still able to run): I've done a perfect clone with Miray's products. Freezing the drive (in a ziplock bag) can help some.


a clone is a clone so if you clone the drive (and not just the partition)you have a perfect copy of the drive.

I always wondered

How do you freeze a drive in a ziplock bag?


I mean, do you have to like vacuum seal it?

Wrap it with a dry paper towel first?


Or do you just dump it into a bag, close it, and freeze?

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naw you just place the drive in a ziplock (if you can use the brand name as it uses color to prove it is completly closed (you want zero moisture in it.)

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