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I use already very much long Ccleaner for Windows and, however, have to change me before short time definitely rather on Linux. At the moment I use topical 10.10 versions of Ubuntu. I also know that also almost everything mean in Linux is a Systemcleaner would be superfluous. I have talked on the Internet to a German expert IT also with Ubuntu works and has thereby got to know even with Ubuntu data garbage originates. He has also explained to me, however, a Systemcleaner not is inevitably it, nevertheless, a range of application could give. Most Systemcleaner for Linux mostly break something or let error messages originate and one need already quite a lot trust in addition.

Now, however, to my real ones asks there is, perhaps To modify the, possibility Ccleaner for Linux or to ask the developers of Ccleaner maybe even whether did they try something so or whether could they publish a Ccleaner for Linux?

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This is unlikely, but since im not a developer, I can't tell ya know :lol:


Bleachbit is pretty handy, its similar to CCleaner too.


You can grab it by running


sudo apt-get install bleachbit

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The Developers have often stated that they do not wish to branch past windows, and to do so would require a whole different program as ccleaner relies on many windows only things inorder to work.


winapp2.ini already made the suggestion I was going to make for bleachbit

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