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Will CCleaner Business Edition have more features [...] than the "standard" version?

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I'm just curious if the Network Edition will have extra features apart from networking.


Introducing CCleaner Network Edition! An advanced version of CCleaner specifically designed for installation on corporate networks. With a comprehensive administrator interface to handle deployment, analysis and cleaning.

We just perfecting a few final features (with the help of our excellent beta testers) and will publicly release later this month.


I mean, it just a CCleaner with a feature to help administrators start cleaning on a set group from the administrator's main computer? Or will it help corporates to clean additional sections?



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To answer the first question

From: http://www.piriform.com/business/ccleaner-network-edition




and pose my own

I'm also wondering about if it will (as I assume) clean all users so I can sit here in my "crystal castle" and delete my frontdesk staff's un-business cookies

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Looks very nice.

I don't know how you can get it to clean so many computers like that, but the interface is really easy looking.

Just want to compliment You + the Developers for such a great product.

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