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Hello all,

Something that I read here with regards to Pi-hole and is also, I think, applicable to uBlock Origin.


When hosting stuff like blocklists on GitHub, please make sure you do not use raw.githubusercontent.com links. Since these links don’t provide the last-modified header, they will get re-downloaded every single time pihole -g is run (or each week automatically) even if there are no new changes. That’s a waste of time and bandwidth

I tried NOT using the raw.githubusercontent.com links that I have posted a while back and insted use


within my uBlock Origin AND my Pi-hole and all seems to work "better?" responce time is faster.


Side note: The link provided host one MASSIVE blocking list broken up in couple of files and whitelist file.

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1 hour ago, Andavari said:

The CoinBlocker one I've been using in uBlock Origin is this:

That is the old link the new link is,


your link will still work but don’t provide the last-modified header.

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Thank you! I've replaced the old link with the new one you suggested into Firefox and SRWare Iron.

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