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F-Secure Internet Security 2005 problems

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A few weeks ago, I ran CCleaners main function, the cleaner, and registry searcher. Everything was looking good, and then I continued playing. I had F-Secure Internet Security 2005 on my computer (and I have it now also). Days passed, and I began to notice, that nothing updates on F-Secure's software. More days passed, and I thought that it was because of some server crash on F-Secure. After about two weeks, yesterday, I had some serious problems with Internet Security 2005 and I reinstalled it. Then, everything worked correctly.


What caused this, then? If I think, what CCleaner showed me on deleted files, I can remember that there were about 7 logs from IS 2005. They showed up again after reinstalling, and because of that, I believe that CCleaner had deleted some valuable and important files from system. I made a test.


Yesterday, when I had reinstalled the IS 2005, there was these text (log) files again. First I pressed the "Analyze". It showed up the important files. Then, I checked off the "Windows log files". I ran off the "Analyze" again. And it didn't show the files.


That is maybe because, they are log- files, and they are in "Windows"- directory. For some reason. And because of that, I need to keep "Windows log files" checked off as long as I keep the IS 2005. Maybe registry checker does it damage too, I don't know exactly.


If I don't look at that text over here, I can say, that CCleaner has boosted my computer performance nicely, and I just can't think to uninstall it without good reason. Nice work, I say.


And at last, sorry about my bad english (if it seems so), because I live in Finland.



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I don't know if this has anything to do with your situation regarding F-Secure.

F-Secure uses a program called Back Web Lite for updating.

If you're running programs such as SpyBot S & D, and AdAware you'll have a

conflict. F-Secure advised me to remove both those programs. I had to reinstall F-Secure as SpyBot found a number of Back Web items in my system, I removed all the items, and afterwards found F-Secure was not updating. It was after this I was advised that F-Secure and few other Antispyware programs conflict.



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