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Drive Wiper MFT Wipe Stalls

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Thanks in advance for helping with this problem.


Using the latest version (3.00.1303), I start a Drive Wiper operation (free space, 1-pass or 3-pass) on my C: drive. The MFT wipe occurs first, but seems to stall at about 24% complete. I've turned off Antivirus and Diskeeper, but the problem still occurs.


I've successfully done a wipe of another drive on my system, so I know it *COULD* work.


If memory serves, prior versions also displayed a similar behavior to this on my C: drive.


What could I chalk this up to? I guess I could live forever without completing a wipe of my C: drive free space, but I'm curious if something weird is going on.




[Dell Core i7 920, Windows 7 Ultimate, 6GB RAM, ST31000528AS (1TB), WD10EADS-00L5B1 (1TB)]

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