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Ever recovered meta files?

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You do a scan with show undeleted files and there in all their glory are the meta files that drive your system ($MFT, $BadClus, $Boot etc). Now the temptation to recover them to a flash drive and then have a look inside is well, for some of us, quite high. Has anyone done this?

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Yep, just did, got'em on usb drive right now. mft is 96,288 kb, not sure if it will open w/ peek, will try. Peek is a simple binary viewer available here.


Back in a minute.




$mft did open w/ peek in the form of a big text file, don't quite know how to describe it. There are plain text references to files that I remember, some websites I remember, bunch of stuff I don't recognize at all.


$bitmap showed nothing in peek, and quite a lot of undecipherable characters in notepad.


$boot opened with peek to show a small plain text file. No idea what any of it means


Apparently no harm done here.


Didn't see anything called $badclus.

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Pioneer? Ha. Just a scaredy cat hiding behind Powershadow. :P If there is some better application for looking at that saved $mft file I'll use it and post a screenshot. I just used peek because it is quick. I know recuva gives a preview...that's a little scary...but there may be something better??


The whole business only took about 15 minutes, including installing Recuva...the rest of the time was spent being careful, taking baby steps.

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