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: Fix CCleaner so that VSS is not disturbed

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to: CCleaner & Macrium 08/26/10


subj: Fix CCleaner so that VSS is not disturbed


I use the program Macrium Reflect to backup a copy of my hard drive to an external drive almost every night. When I run CCleaner, it does something to make this program stop and generate an error message to the effect that VSS (Microsoft's Volume Shadow Service) did not run properly. Consequently, I cannot use CCleaner anymore.


I hope that your two companies can work together and correct this problem.






If you do, I would appreciate being informed of your activity.

I further would like to be informed when the problem has been fixed.

If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

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I've removed your email address and phone number, since posting such info is an easy way to get flooded with spam.


I've also moved your post into the Bugs section.




I also use Macrium Reflect but I can't replicate the issue you're having.


What would help the Piriform bug testers is to give the following information:

* Your operating system.

* CCleaner version.

* Macrium Reflect version.

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