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How to restore files deleted by CCleaner

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Today I saved about 500 new pictures (wedding and honeymoon pictures) to a public computer. Right after all the pictures were uploaded snd saved to the desktop a page poped up with message that a program or somethis ahs sucessfully downloaded and computer would like to do a restart. After restart i noticed that all the pictures are gone. Might it be due to CCleaner? If yes, is it possible to restore them some how? If not, if it\s just a bug or something, is there any other way to get it back then? I wanted to use System restore feature but there are only restore points from 2009 and somthing.


Please help me someone!!!!

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Public computers should NOT use CCleaner.


They should always start up with a fresh image of everything as it should be so that the next user is not presented with the previous user's Internet banking login details ! !


What makes you think CCleaner was ever present on this public computer ?


I would say that your loss is entirely due to the way public computers work.


I think your only hope is to get those pictures a second time and save them to your personal flash drive.



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