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I have XP Home Edition SP2.


I did some 'spring cleaning' using CCleaner earlier today and then went to use Search Companion this evening as follows : START then SEARCH, and the 'Search Companion' launches but from a "SEARCH" point of view is like an "empty shell" with many of its major buttons etc being 'empty' and No functionality present.


Anyone with any ideas ?


Any help gratefully received.

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I dont think CCleaner caused this. Did you use any other registry or cleaning apps? Also try rebooting and see if everything comes back.


Thanks for your comments.


I have to admit to some pretty reckless and complacent behaviour.


I only downloaded CCleaner yesterday. As you know, CCleaner an "undo" facility but I chose not to use it. I also don't use System Restore after some problems in the past. I tend to rely on Ghost, but - you've guessed it, I deleted and accidently deleted my past images this afternoon - in fact, I was trying to use SEARCH to locate certain files when I discovered it didn't work (but it did work a couple of days ago). Mea culpa.


A reboot hasn't improved matters. The only other registry or cleaning apps I've used are ones I been using for months without problems (part of the reason for my complacency of course).


Any other ideas ? The system seems pretty stable apart from this issue.


Thanks again.

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Possibly the result of an unregistered DLL, if it is I don't have any ideal which one it would be. Sounds like a question DjLizard could answer in a nanosecond.






Thanks for the suggestions, the problem is now solved folowing advice received from Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP - Windows Shell/User who outlined a procedure to reinstall the Search Companion. :)

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