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Please format drive ? after using Defraggler

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Can someone please help ?

I have just backed up my 3 drives onto a maxtor one touch 750gb drive. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

I have spent days organising all my files and when completed i thought I better defrag the drive and keep it in tip top condition.

I installed Defraggler and let it run on the drive all day and it was still not completed so I quit the program ejected the drive and switched the computer off.

Today I have switched my pc on and it is now requesting me to format my 750gb drive so I can use it ??????

I am feeling quite sick at the moment as I have got the feeling that Defraggler has done something terrible to this drive and I do not understand what has happened.


If someone could please give me some suggestions and maybe point me in the right direction of what could have happened I would be very grateful.



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Just a guess but perhaps Defraggler was in the process of moving a large file, and when you ejected the drive it completely hosed it - that's my guess anyways. I suppose even if you closed Defraggler thinking it was done it could've still been moving something and hadn't fully exited just yet.


It's not surprising to me if that's possibly what happened as I've had just regular small USB Thumb Drives get corrupted when I've pulled them out whilst they were being written to which is now why I religiously use the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the SysTray next to the clock to prevent such corruption.

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