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CCleaner seems to choke on mnc16.tmp

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When I run CCleaner 2.30.1130, it seems to choke on the file C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temp\mnc16.tmp. Nothing happens (no timeouts or anything), but the completion percentage just stops moving. Judging by the file name, it's some kind of temporary file and my guess is it's open, which prevents CCleaner from removing it. The thing is that I haven't been able to identify which application on my system uses that file (despite extensive system monitoring and Googling). Has anyone seen similar behavior or has any ideas what that file is for? Could it be associated with a virus or some other piece of malware?



Ron (in Seattle, WA)

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Have you tried running ccleaner in safe mode, or are you wanting to find out what it is first?


What happens when you try to delete it manually?


Do you use AutoCAD or My Notes Center?

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Some Portable Apps. create that sort of file when launching their business.

It should get removed when the App. is closed, but may be left upon a crash.


Some non-portable things create that sort of file as part of a "complete on reboot" action,

and possible assume that after a reboot it will cause no trouble,

and may even deem it the user's responsibility to empty his temp folders

everything designed for DO3 3.** worked that way ! !



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Welcome to the forum Ron.


You could try TFC - Temp File Cleaner by OldTimer.


Be sure all users save any unsaved work before running. Let the program finish then reboot.


If you think your computer's infected, you could visit the Spyware Hell section of the forum.


Please read and do as much as you can in the pinned "Before you post".

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