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Defrag MFT & Directories

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Please add a feature to defrag MFT and Directories.
Seconded. Plenty of other defragmenters have these features. For example, the new PerfectDisk allows you to choose zones (layout.ini/boot, directories, recently/occasionally/modified), plus files to move to the end of the drive (eg big infrequently-used db files), plus padding space between zones to allow for growth. MyDefrag gives you even more flexibility. Even if we could only defrag directories and files according to layout.ini (doesn't require locking the entire drive) that would be good. Saw MrRon saying that boot-time defrag was on the table for consideration, but that was back in 2008..




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Doing the MFT would require that the programmers create the tool to be run as the shell, and lock all resources before windows really starts. That is the only way, besides a reformat to change the MFT into a single segment. I second that I would love this tool to do the MFT...


The other would be to extend the ability to move large files to also include entire directories to the end of the disk...

For example, the MPQ files for Blizzard's WOW are huge, those get moved...It would also be nice to move things to the end that never change...like my Program Files for Adobe and Corel image products.

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