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CCleaner refuses to detect Firefox browser as not open

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:( i'm running on windows xp professional. i change my preference for either the google chrome or firefox browser to be the default depending on which is running best on any given day. therefore, even if i have already restarted, for instance, yesterday, after taking a download, that means that for a fact, firefox must be closed.


if i want to run Ccleaner then, it is not effective for temporary files, downloads and cookies in mozilla firefox. after analyzing using CCleaner, i am told to close firefox and chrome, or else they will be ignored. but if they are already closed, why am i being told to close them? and in fact, they ARE ignored when they are already closed!


anyone else encountering this problem?


at certain times, i do not want to restart but only use Ccleaner. however, Ccleaner should be able to detect if firefox is or is not open, as well as doing the same for google chrome browser!


any help on this???

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Two thoughts. Do you have any Firefox extensions still running after closing down Firefox.


An extension like "DownThemAll", a download manager, will run happily after closing down the main browser window, and this is interpreted as Firefox still running.


Also hit Ctrl-Alt-Del to launch Task Manager after closing Firefox, and check to see if Firefox is still running.

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