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What do you think to add a commandline-option to run also the registry-cleaner at startup (by default off)?


The next thing is, that everytime I clean the registry, I must make the same steps many times, until all registry-errors are solved (Scan for issues, Fix selected issues, Fix all selected issues). At example: After the first run of the regcleaner, it found 733 errors. After the second run, it found 22 errors. After the third 1 error, and after the fourth 0 errors.


My suggestion is:

An option, the make all this automatically. Scan, Fix, Scan again... until no more errors are found. To prevent an infinite loop, the number of found errors between one and the next scan should be decreasing.



PS: It would also be standard-compliant, if CCleaner shows all commandline-optioins, if ccleaner.exe is run with "/?".

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-1 as said above it's been suggested before. And i'd put money on it never being implemented. Well i hope not. Especially as ccleaner does not auto create a backup.


Would be to late then if something went wrong.


There would be countless "ccleaner broke my computer" threads


I have cleaning my registry a long time and i even let a key i needed be deleted last week, which sent my pc into a infinative restart loop at logon.


Lucky i use ERUNT so it only took a few minutes to restore in safemode.


Summery is ccleaner cant make misstakes when registry cleaning. Only a user can be allowing it to remove needed entrys. Every entry should always be checked although alot of users have been cleaning every check for years with out problems.


This was a fault on my part and not ccleaners. How many users would use this and not make backups? and need to reformat.

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