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Windows Me Support (Possibly Win9x?)

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Hey Piriform! Love Speccy!


I recently had someone who uses Windows Milennium Edition almost exclusively (Don't Ask), try Speccy on their PC to see if it worked, because Ccleaner I know works in Win9x/Me.


When he first initially started it up, it gave him an error of a missing WINHTTP.DLL file. After pulling this from a WinXP install he had on another PC, it worked fully for him, with no problems, it seems.


Although Win9x/Me is outdated and now at its end of product life as of a few years ago, I thought I'd bring this to your attention, if you already didn't know about it, that it works.


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speccy dont work on my wxp prof.


error of a missing WINHTTP.DLL file :blink:


can i write in german or only in english in this forum?

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