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CPU Multiplier + Speccy closing instantly

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On my e8200 (wolfdale) the multiplier is not showing correctly.


The multiplier seems to get "stuck" displaying one speed.

For example both cores should be at x6, but one will be showing x8 with the core speed as though it is at x6. Or one or both will show x6, when it is clearly at x8.




As you can see core 1 (should really be 0, but I understand that this is done to not confuse people) is showing 3.2ghz with a x6 multiplier, this should read x8.





My other problem is on my asus eee 1000h speccy loads, displays the operating system (XP pro sp3). Everything else is "analysing..." then the window closes. No traces of it at all in task manager so I assume its not a gui issues, the whole thing is just gone from memory.


Could you tell me what dependencies speccy has (if any), I am running at nlited version of XP so something I removed may be what is causing the problem. Both CPU Z and hwmonitor display correctly so neither of these are having trouble getting at the sensors.




Sorry if I sound a bit negative, but I know how testing and beta works, you people like me having a moan to make things better :P

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