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mr don

Option for cleaning free space on other drives

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I noticed when running Defraggler, that the apparent MFT size (purple) can grow to astoundingly huge sizes, even 50% of a drive.


This seems to be remedied by running freeware Heidi Eraser. It seems that Eraser cleans:


- Free Disk Space (and Master File Table Records)

- Cluster Tip Area

- Directory Entries.


After that, the MFT shrinks & I can defrag the drive to normal levels again! I believe this is possible with wipe free space in CCleaner, but sometimes I don't need to run CCleaner in order to wipe the free space because I have temp files I don't need to lose that I am working on while working on external drives as well!


Any option to add a right-click/Clean Free Space?


This would make it sooooo easy! Then I can clean the free space of many drives! Perhaps have an option to right-click & select Clean Free Space & then a window to select how many times! Preselect 1, 3, 7, 35, or custom!




P.S. Please let me know what you think about this idea? Sometimes I have to defrag external drives, so I really need to be able to shrink the MFT space without having to fully run ccleaner!

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