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Each "upgrade" to CCleaner seems to slow it down. I takes up to 30 seconds to clean my computer sometimes. I am running VISTA Home Premium, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor with 3gb RAM.


There is no reason I can think of why it should run so slowly. It seems to take the most time in deleting IE history files (sometimes going as slow as 1 tmp file/second).


Please, either speed up the cleaner or allow me to download version 1.x. That version could clean my computer in 3 - 5 seconds or less and that is cleaning 20 - 30 mb of info. Now it takes 13 seconds to clean 2.1mb.

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Hi LarryT, and welcome to the forum.


No problems here with Vista Home Premium and CCleaner version v2.27.1070.


You could save all settings to INI file and do a clean install.


If you want to download an older version, you can find them here.


Keep in mind that with each new version of CCleaner, there are bug fixes and support for new programs, browsers and operating systems. Using an older version itself can cause certain issues to arise.

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