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Future Features - Request

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Please add in a future release!!:


1. network card NIC information

2. remote information pulling from another machine across LAN

3. saving out information.

4. advanced command line /silent usage (just like ccleaner)

4. SNMP OID's displayed for each of the sensors displaying information such as temperature.


Thanks, great product with lots of potential!



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I think this is a great idea. It can be a complete pain in the a** trying to figure out what brand your NIC card is after you reinstall Windows and it doesn't automatically get the driver for your card. Then, at that point you obviously cannot ask Google for help because you cannot get on the Internet without having a driver for you NIC card! Ugh, what a pain...


So, yes I believe having the NIC card feature added would be one of the best improvements that could be added.


Also the saving of information would be helpful as well. What easier way to upload system information to an IT help forum, than to save it to a text file and upload it in a post?


-Derik Berwald

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Command line tools would be fantastic.


I currently use a heap of differnt scripts and the other Piriform tools, from within a Batch file menu..


It would be great to be able to print to screen (DOS window) the current specs of the local pc, even if just an over view eg

BIOS ver (date)



HD size, / free




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