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deleting cookies

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Hi-I want to delete cookies in the" cookies to delete" column/options-some are day to day stuff while others are not...Cookies are all Firefox.I have followed thread from Skywired-but was wondering if a simpler way of removal now exists??Thanks for any suggestions.I run windows xp sp3 and latest version of ccleaner.

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In CCleaner, click on the cookie to delete and look at the bottom of the screen to see the browser and or if it's a flash cookie.


Do you have the appropriate boxes checked?


For normal cookies.

Cleaner -> Applications -> Firefox -> Cookies

Cleaner -> Windows -> Internet Explorer -> Cookies


For flash cookies I believe there are two locations.

1) Cleaner -> Applications -> Firefox -> Adobe Flash Player (Plugin)

2) Cleaner -> Applications -> Multimedia -> Adobe Flash Player


If you can't delete them using normal methods, you could try Unlocker

Click on the green arrow for download.


Unlocker is not a simpler method as you requested, but proven effective so far.

Using these options with unlocker. (Use with care)


1) Delete

2) Rename then delete

3) Move to desktop then delete

4) Move to desktop, then move to zip drive then delete.


If you need help finding the path, or if you are successful, please post back.


Good luck!

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