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Recuva on Linux

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Is there Recuva program that runs natively on Linux? I'd like to be able to put Recuva into my custom linux live CD. It would be a great addition to be able to recover Windows files using Recuva on my linux live CD.


Or, alternatively, does anyone know of a good program that runs native on linux that can recover lost files from Windows NTFS? Specifically, I really like how Recuva can specify a particular directory to scan for recovery of files.

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Deleted by poster. Posted link wasn't recovery software.


EDIT: Although the link I originally posted wasn't for recovery software, I'll repost it, as it might be something you could use anyway.




Gain full read-write access to NTFS within Linux!


Full read/write access to NTFS volumes

Rapid and transparent access to NTFS partitions from your Linux environment or Linux applications

Exceptional ease of installation

High-performance technology

No file or partition size limitation

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There are many people interested in a linux version of Recuva. Any updates on this front? Thank you.


The Piriform Developers have previously voiced the view that they wish to remain windows centric so it is unlikly that there will be a Recuva for anything other that a windows interface. That said, it may run under wine (unknown) and you can always mount the linux drive onto a windows computer and run recuva that way (I believe though I've never actually tried it as all my linux drives are virtual drives)

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