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Cluster tips

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I've a feeling this may be one for the devs.


This is the definition of what must be a perfect "Wipe Free Space":


Cluster tips?/ Before you start free space wipe:


When a file is loaded in memory, its cluster tip area cannot be overwritten and you will receive an error

because of this. To reduce the amount of locked files into a minimum, you should close as many applications

as possible before wiping unused disk space.

A free space wipe will: First wipe free cluster tips, then overwrite the free space, third overwrite the free

space on the MFT (for Windows NT or 2000) and finally the names of all previously deleted/wiped files will be





Whether CCleaners "Wipe Free Space" carries this out I'm afraid I don't know. One of the members may have some knowledge of this, but more likely one of the devs will have to pitch in with this one.

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