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Portable Version Recuva

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Portable version can be found here:




You don't exactly say what your current version is, but I'll assume portable. If the portable version is in a location of your choosing, you'll need to install the new portable version to that location.


Any other version would be installed as a normal software install. I think that's what you're asking, but not 100% sure.


Hope that helps.

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Is only the "Portable Version" installable, as update, over existing v.? If so, where to find?


Thanks for reply. Current v. I didn't install that with a "portable" file(AFAIK). This was a second or third update, and I think I installed the present one over the preexisting. Not sure, but any way I'll install over with the just now DL'ed portable - thanks for link - and see what happens.



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If you're using a normally installed Recuva, you would need to update that with a normally installed update.


The portable version is completely different, and installs onto a thumb drive or into it's own folder at any location you choose.


I have no idea what will result if you install the portable over a normal version. You will probably end up with a portable Recuva inside the normally installed Recuva folder.


That is of course, if I am understanding you right.

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