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ccleaner vs tweakui vs log on at startup

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I used tweakui to "log on automatically at system startup"...it's only me on this pc, and when I set ccleaner to clear "user assist history" (to clean out recent programs list) it also clears tweakui's setting so when I turn my computer on the dang log on screen is up. I noticed this a few days back when I posted about how to clear the recent programs list and using user assist was suggested only i didn't connect the dots because I'd been installing windows updates and stuff. But I just ran some checks and sure enough ccleaner is affecting tweakui. I don't remember having a problem with this ever until my recent reformat which has been interesting to say the least. :)

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You can add an exclusion in CC so this dosent happen in the future. open CC and goto Options, Exclude. Click the Add Registry button. In the dialog box click the drop down and select HKLM


In the text box enter the following and click Ok.

SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon




That should keep your logon info from being removed.

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Cool. Thank you!



So I implemented your suggestion earlier...it worked. I tested it! But now let's just say the login screen is back! What is going on in my world lately? I never used to have these problems! hahaha


I just went to control panel/user accounts and changed the way user logs on...maybe that'll do it.

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Okay, my pc is officially insane. Yes if one can call Win XP bonkers....that's what mine is.


The latest in this ordeal is that...the login screen shows up when it wants to at different boot ups. I might run ccleaner and shut down right now and when I reboot. There'll be no login screen....and tomorrow I may do the same and for no reason the log in screen will show up. The other thing is that...you know when you hit start>>>shut down>>>and the shut down options come up...well mine have changed. Where it used to be this:



it's turned to this:



Why? That's what I'd like to know...I think it changed styles when I went to control panel>>>user accounts.


Still it makes no sense why the setting in Tweak UI keeps changing when I run Ccleaner. Only it's random!! Why am I plagued with this login screen all of a sudden? What the ef? I'm about to go on "Pierre Bernard's recliner of rage!" lol

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