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Why Is Recuva So Good?

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After comparing Recuva to some expensive data recovery software, I was shocked to find that in my tests of a 512 SD card I use with my digital camera in which all files were deleted or lost when they were moved to my PC... that some 22 QuickTime (.mov) files that made up about 50% of the data could NOT be recovered with these expensive programs but were recovered with Recuva.


So I'm hoping that someone familiar with how Recuva works can explain what it's doing that the other software is failing to do. Is there special support for lost files or fragmented files?




Other software tested to date:


Restorer Ultimate v5 ($30?)

Recover My Files ($70)

Zero Assumption Recovery ($50)

Easeus Date Recovery Wizard ($70)

Stellar Phoenix data recovery

Migo Recover Lost Data 3 (this is not the latest version but the only demo available)

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A few days ago I got a response to my question at the Recover My File's forum by what turned out to be one of the owners of company. He was obviously was concerned that RMF wasn't able to recover those 22 .mov videos. When it was clear the current version of RMF could not do the job he asked me to try the new v4 beta. That also could not do the job. But upon examining one of the videos I uploaded to him that Recuva DID recover, he discovered the problem and he rewrote the program on the fly, uploaded a new beta, which did work. His explanation was there were a few bytes in the headers that were throwing off their file check. Up until that point RMF was able to recover ?lost? jpegs but not ?lost? .mov files. ?Lost? meaning there was no longer any reference to the file name in the system and in order to recover these files, they had to be issued new file names.


I find it rather scandalous that in 2009 data recovery isn't more of a science. It's not that RMF was alone in not being able to recover these videos. Of all the programs I tested to date only Recuva WAS able to recover these files. Now that?s not to say Recuva hasn?t made similar omissions. I don?t have the time to create and delete a couple hundred file types then test all these programs again.

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