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My favourite language is German.

But defraggler doesn't like it.


What is going on?


I run defraggler. It starts with German language.

When I click "Settings" all switches to English when the options window pops up.

When I cancel it all switches back to German.


When I do it a second time it stays on German.



OK, the language isn't important but what is about other bugs we can't see?



Maybe someone will read that but I have no hope.

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Are you xp or vista?


WinType: WinXP

WinVersion: 5.1.2600 2 Service Pack 3

IE version: 6.0.2900.5512

Physical memory: 1535MB


Hi hazelnut,

thanks for your reply.


I appreciate it.


Inside options window:

When I unfortunately hit OK instead of Cancel the language switches to English and I have no options to change to a different language. It is only English.


To get back to German language I have to edit the registry!!

Language key from 1033 to 1031.

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Do you have any friends on xp who use the German version and also have this problem?


(I am trying to work out it it is just on your machine)

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