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German language file still a mess

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Errors in string tables:


8: 116, 127

9: 137

10: 157, 158

14: 208

15: 233

19: 290

20: 305 (missing), 312

632: 10109, 10110

2049: 32772, 32775

2050: 32798

2951: 32811


Change your translator !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Some necessary information are available but not shown in the windows (panes).

Check the Search window.


Change your coder.



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I agree.

The French translation is a total mess too.

Missing (lots of) strings, Google translations, typing mistakes....

Piriform devs should really change some of their translators...

A correct translation of a program like Defraggler or CCleaner takes...15 minutes ?

And re-arrange the strings locations in the DLLs, some strings locations are weird.

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Can you give us some specific examples what the errors are so we can look into these.




Hi Aethec :lol:

Hi Ron, here you are :rolleyes: ,


Let's find here below some (very limited number of) exemples about French :


102, "Disque locale" instead of Disque local

111, "D?fragmentation surlign?e" ??? instead of "D?fragmenter les surlign?s"

112, "Analyse de la d?fragmentation" !!! instead of "D?fragmenter les coch?s". The original French text is mixing up the mind of the user as it appears in the "go" button : the user believe he'll start an analysis and in fact, it's a defragmentation

130, "Fichiers syst?me" instead of "Syst?me de fichier". This is a typical mistake of bad translation of the "reverse way" of the words sequence in English and French : "Fichiers syst?me" in English is "System files".


and so on and so far ... : words mispelled, messages truncated on the screen (f.i. #312), MB/GB instead of Mo/Go (M?ga & Giga octets) (BTW : where to find the field for the "GB" of the "Properties" main panel and for the "MB" of the "Search" one).


For your info, and best usage, I attached here the French language version I'm enjoying to regularely update since October 2008 (see post #10 and sq. in the "Defraggler translation" topic)


I'm open to contribute more "officialy", if you want. :D


Last but not least, congratulations for this very interesting program. As I wrote in an other topic, as soon as Defraggler will have "boot defrag" features, it will be as powerfull as most of the commercial defragmenters.


Pierre B)



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And missing things, too. (some things in 19, 21, 2063, 2064, ...)


I think a good thing to do would be totally recreating the lang files using XML files instead of DLLs. WAAAAAAAAY better. Faster to edit (you don't need ResHacker, only Notepad), you can place comments to help translators, there is always the original variable name = translators don't need to open the Defraggler.exe file with ResHacker to know what was the original English name of the string...

You can do XML translations easily with C#, so I suppose it's easy with C++ too ?

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