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Can't install Recuva

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I'm trying to install Recuva 1.24 on a Vista Home Premium x64 system. I'm attempting to install it to my C:/Utilities folder, and I get the following message:


Error opening file for writing:




Click Abort to stop the installation

Retry to try again, or

Ignore and skip this file.


If I select "Ignore", I get the same message for every part of the program that gets installed. I'm running the installer as an administrator... Can someone help me out?

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Hi Danja, I can't think why that would be happening unless you have a broken Installer. Have you tried downloading a fresh one?




Probably worth a try. I can't think of a reason why installing in a non default location would cause any problem, so let us know if you've tried a fresh Installer.


If Recuva has partly installed, you probably need to try and uninstall it or delete the installed folders and files.


Hope that helps.

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You can also use the portable version of Recuva. Since it doesn't need to be installed just unzip the file in your chosen directory and run it. That's it.




I downloaded another copy of the installer; still no go. The reason I was installing it to C:\Utilities was because I had the same error when installing to the default directory, so I thought it didn't like the program files folder. I'll try your suggestion.

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