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2 Persistant Files

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Hello World! I would like to say the devs of this great job. You guys made a great defragger.


But now on to the point. I've been defragging my computer like crazy, but I noticed there are two files that completely refuse defragment:





I have 23.5 (of 74.5, 32% free) GB of free space, so I am sure there is a nice small spot for it somewhere in there (since I defragged that two). So is there anyway to defrag those two remaining files?


And I noticed that I probably don't need to defrag those two files, but what can I say, I like blue...

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Much easier to remove the pagefile, reboot and re-make it depending on the size of course.


Off Topic: You get better results too by defining the length of the pagefile yourself. Set the min/max to the same size so it's not dynamic and your perofmance improves dramatically. Allowing the OS to depict the size lets it create a dynamic pagefile that slows your system down a lot.

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