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ccleaner and the start menu

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How do you go about changing the settings on ccleaner to prevent it from cleaning out the recently used programs in the start menu of Vista? In ccleaner under the Windows Explorer section I have unchecked the "Run (in start menu)" option and also I have unchecked the "Start Menu shortcuts" in the system section and it still clears these out of the start menu. It wouldn't bother me so much but it seems that once it clears it out, it's REALLY hard to get anything to show up in there again for a long time. I can click on a program 20 or 30 times and it still won't show up in the recently used programs in the start menu. Any help would be great

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Hi jesusfreak, and welcome to the forum.


Try unchecking "Other Explorer MRU's". That might do it. Or, you could make the Start Menu a fixed one, instead of it changing all the time.


I have a long list of shortcuts pinned to my Start Menu", 23 I think, and I have the "Number Of Programs" set to 0.


Right click the task bar, select "properties/start menu/customize"




This makes all the shortcuts I pin to it, fixed, as it's no longer a dynamic "recently used" menu.


You can place any shortcut on that menu by right clicking a shortcut icon, or shortcut listing in the All Programs menu, or right clicking the programs exe file in it's Progarm Files folder, and select "Pin To Start Menu".


Hope that helps.

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