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.tmp file recovery

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Hi, can anyone help?

I was saving a Word file having made some changes, to my USB, it said the key was full and couldn't save so i clicked ok.

after that, the whole thing generally malfunctioned, some other boxes popped up, but i cant really remember what, i think one of them was the error, needs to close programme one.


so it shut the file and word, and then the file completely disappeared from the USB.


But a .tmp file appeared, several people have tried to help, getting me to try to copy the file but this won't work, and you can't open it. it just says access denied.


in my recent documents, the original file is there but when you click on it, it says the shortcut has been changed and can't access the file.


in Word, on the right hand side, 'Open' box, again the original is there, but it fails to open.



I'm using word 2003, and Windows XP.


it's a really important file, any tips would be must appreciated, its work that is due this week!

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