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Greg Sinise

Can't Install CCleaner

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I have a prior version (about 6 months old) on one computer and am trying to upgrade. I downloaded the latest version and when I clicked on RUN, I got an error


CCleaner v2.15 setup

Error Opening File for writing

C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe


Abort Retry Cancel


I had this happen to a 2nd computer, hit retry twice and it installed. It will not install on this computer even though a prior version did install. I have hit retyr multiple times. I even cliecked on SAVE and tried to run it from the desktop and I get the same error. How do I resolve? I love the product and want it running on all computers, but can not upgrade. Help! Thank you.

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Try downloading to from here




Choose save, and save it to your desktop, and then try it.


Are you using xp or vista?


No other problems, virus/malware etc?


Using Windows XP professional. Ran a full scan of the system for virus/malware, but will do it again before trying to install. Will be back at ya once I try. Thanks for the location to try to download again.

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