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Opera cache

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Hi guys,


I have a question regarding Opera's cache.


After I run CCleaner, Opera's cache folder gets cleaned well. (../Application Data/Opera/cache4/)

Although when I open Opera again I noticed all my visited links are still in the address bar's history!

Does anybody know how to solve this or is this a bug?


Your opinion would be grately appreciated.




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Hi Frank, and welcome to the forum.


I'm wondering if you are referring to the Auto Complete Address Bar in Opera. If so, I find the best solution is to disable it completely, as I have.


In the address bar type "opera:config" (without quotes). Press enter. Scroll down to, and select "User Prefs".


Scroll down in "User Prefs" to "Auto Dropdown", and uncheck the box. Scroll to the end of "User Prefs" and select "Save".


The auto dropdown should now be disabled.


Hope this helps.

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