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Registry Cleaner issue (TypeLib cleaning)

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Hi, I've been using CCleaner for a long time, but just discovered a bug in the TypeLib cleaning algorithm.


Specifically, CCleaner mistakenly identifies TypeLib issues (when there are none) after installing Google Talk on Vista. By default, Google Talk is installed as a per-user application: its files are stored in user profile and all registry entries are made under HKCU\Software\Classes.


The following issues are identified:


Missing TypeLib Reference	ITalkFriend - {7B29C130-826A-4070-BA18-EC01E703D244}	HKCR\Interface\{38FDD2C4-9164-4eaf-8C74-24D764FF613E}Missing TypeLib Reference	ITalkAPI - {7B29C130-826A-4070-BA18-EC01E703D244}	HKCR\Interface\{4A1527F6-C11F-4131-82BC-FE891D4E3B70}Missing TypeLib Reference	IMUCTalkPlugin - {7B29C130-826A-4070-BA18-EC01E703D244}	HKCR\Interface\{4c9dc108-c73f-11da-95ab-00e08161165f}Missing TypeLib Reference	ITalkPlugin - {7B29C130-826A-4070-BA18-EC01E703D244}	HKCR\Interface\{5A9FF74C-53D0-4513-9481-0F61EDEEFFE2}Missing TypeLib Reference	IChatRoomContact - {7B29C130-826A-4070-BA18-EC01E703D244}	HKCR\Interface\{62d14448-68ff-4c37-a7f2-31105a1be427}Missing TypeLib Reference	ITalkTunnelExp - {7B29C130-826A-4070-BA18-EC01E703D244}	HKCR\Interface\{65D12388-C5E9-468c-83B9-60AEA2E658DF}Missing TypeLib Reference	IChatRoom - {7B29C130-826A-4070-BA18-EC01E703D244}	HKCR\Interface\{74C992C7-BA13-4E6A-A469-B43AE8FD557A}Missing TypeLib Reference	IMUCTalkAPI - {7B29C130-826A-4070-BA18-EC01E703D244}	HKCR\Interface\{7a9d1480-c6a1-11da-95ab-00e08161165f}



While the registry keys are shown under HKCR, they actually exist under HKCU\Software\Classes (as you probably know, HKCR is just an alias to a combined view of HKCU\Software\Classes and HKLM\Software\Classes).

All the entries refer to TypeLib {7B29C130-826A-4070-BA18-EC01E703D244}, which is also registered under HKCU (and therefore visible under HKCR), but CCleaner mistakenly identifies this TypeLib key as missing (it probably checks for its existence under HKLM and fails).


I tried exporting the key HKCU\Software\Classes\Typelib\{7B29C130-826A-4070-BA18-EC01E703D244} and importing it under HKLM and after that CCleaner didn't find any problems.

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When doing a CCleaner (v2.17) scan on the registry I get almost 6000 missing typelib references (and 180 unused file ext) . Since I don't really know what they are I want to know if I can clean them. I cleaned the file ext, but then Word and Excel didn't work anymore. As far as I know I did not install Google talk. I attached a text file with the scan results.


Who can explain?






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