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CCleaner virgin needs help! Did i delete activeX in registry?

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Hello Experts,


Please help, i am a CCleaner virgin and im afraid i did something wrong while apparently "fixing selected issues" in registry to do with activeX because for some reason i cannot view videos on youtube etc. I have downloaded the latest abode flashplayer and shockwave but when i try to view a video clip all i get is a blank white square whre the pic should be with a red cross in the top left hand corner. I have followed all support guidelines about abode flashplayer thinking it was the problem but no help. I haven't been on youtube for months so dont know how long i have had this problem but do recall running CCleaner and deleting several errors to do with activeX without backups. I have tried restoring my computer to a previous date in februaury but this has not solved the problem.

PLease help



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Hello zoe and welcome to the forum,


If you haven't already, try the following.


Download and use the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller to uninstall previous version.




Download Flash Player from here. (Note: uncheck free google toolbar if you don't want it)




Test installation here. (This will test Shockwave and Flash Player)




Use the latest version of Java, and make sure it is enabled.




I manually uninstall all older versions of Java.


Do you have any new security software or changes that could block YouTube, like a firewall?

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Secunia: Online Software Inspector will check that you have the latest Flash player installed plus other installed applications:


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