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Wouldn't it be nice if you could.....


Do a deep scan for a couple of hours or so, then when the results come back be able to save the results file, so you could open the file later without hammering the disk again.


On both occasions I have run a deep scan I have held the down key er, down and looked at the preview box as it flashes by. You can usually pick out any strange photos. Both times Recuva has, after scanning several thousand files, gone in to not responding mode and had to be cancelled, which means that a great part of the long scan has been wasted.


I know that saving a scan will not necessarily reflect what is on the disk when it's used again. But you could look at the scan results and if you see a dodgy file open it and check if it's still there, and then delete it.


A deep scan is interesting. I found many deleted items I had no idea were still around, some I can't remember ever creating, and even all the standard M/S wallpapers have apparently been deleted at some time. Why is that, I wonder. Deep scan does show that we are more exposed than we thought. Even in deep scan I found some files still in the swapfile that couldn't be cleaned. Anyway, I'm rambling.

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