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April Desktops

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post-16440-1207386997_thumb.jpg XP Vista Wallpaper








The Full Pack 27.9 mb

The Cool Black 03.4 mb

The Widescreen 06.5 mb

Release 5381 11.0 mb

Missing Ones 15.2 mb

Hamad Darmish?s 31.0 mb


Browse Microsoft Vista Wallpapers on Flickr

Windows Vista Wallpapers The best thing about Vista is its wallpapers


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Thanks Dennis. I like the red ring! :)




The red ring? Can you do a desktop with it, or show it to me?


You've piqued my interest now, and after a quick look, didn't find it.

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Can I make a request to some of you guys?


Would it be possible for you use slightly smaller thumbnails to your desktops, simply because when loading this thread, it can take a while, and the page is jumping all over the place while these large pictures load?


Does anyone else find this?


Of course you could always tell me to b****r off and mind my own business. :(


Just a thought.

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You are right Dennis, we should remember that some people because of their location etc. are not able to have fast connection speeds.


As you say loading large screenshots can make things jump about, and slow down loading a page to a crawl for some.


Clickable thumbnails are more user friendly, and if anyone needs advice on how to do them, Dennis is your man :)

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I would like nothing better than to post a linking thumbnail of large pics in my posts, however I have no idea how and nobody seems willing to tell me whenever I ask, like it's a Masonic Lodge secret or something, and trying to see how it's done by implementing the 'quote' feature doesn't reveal much either, so here are a few pics the old fashioned url way.


old destop

old desktop with Apophysis running

new desktop

an oldie but goodie


If anyone can tell me how to 'thumbnail' pics in posts without incurring the wrath of Number One please let me know. Thank you. ;)


Dennis, eh? Please impart. :huh:

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