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Some pains with MS Vista (and how to avoid them)

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As a lot of you already know, MS Vista has come with some (I think) dubious extra security protocols.


One of which is the constant, and somewhat irritating 'confirmation' of almost everything you click.


Even though you may be the only user of the computer (and then by defacto you should be an Admistrator) you are actually not an Administrator !

(good ol' MS)


To get round this (I know you can disable the UAC etc., but MS being MS you will never be in control - and many apps will not work correctly unless u are a 'real'l administrator) do the following;


- open a command prompt - WITH elevated priveledges - find the cmd.exe program (some have said u can search for it, but I found (at least on Home Version) it cannot be searched for) - it is in the normal C:\Windows\Systems32 folder, but instead of dbl-clicking it, press ctrl-shft-enter ... this should open a prompt in 'Administrator' mode (it will have 'Admisitrator:' pre-pended in the title bar) - failing this, right-click the cmd.exe icon and select 'Run as Administrator'


From this command prompt enter the following;


net user administrator /active:yes


and close all windows & restart.


You will now have another user with full and proper admin rights to your vista machine - u might like to add a password to this account tho !



As a side note, if you have ever noticed a medium / severe slow-down with your broadband ever since using Vista you may like to try the following also;

(I had a 4mb with Virgin with XP no problem; since connecting a new laptop to the same connection my download speed dropped to less than 1meg - until I did the following)


As above, open a command prompt with elevated priveledges (or maybe with your new admin ac) and enter the following;


netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled


(you can check with netsh interface tcp show global and u can of couse revert it by using =normal as the parameter above)


for some reason, an ever so clever boffin in MS decided that in and out feeds should match. So, if there was an inbalance vista would try to compensate by leveling the feeds - in effect capping your download speed :-)


Any questions (and I insist) ask Mickeysods

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I've found an easier way to get around the problems - it's called using XP!


Vista is OK (although a pain at times...) but I'll stick to having it on my laptop which I use for little more than the internet and some basic work projects. My PC, on which I do nearly all my work remains happily an XP machine! And works a treat.

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Vista ain't too bad but XP does seem snappier in all aspects.


I set Vista to show the full blown admin account at boot through local security policies.


After booting into the admin account I delete the account you are forced to create at install.


Even within the admin account you are still restricted from accessing/deleting certain files so I add "Take Ownership" to the right click context menu.

Add Take Ownership

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not to bad if you can get the driver's may be look at http://badvista.fsf.org/

I got the vista UAC on XP from http://runasadmin.sf.net















good to get for Vista be for sp1 is backup drives to be safe it free allso work's on XP






DriverMax - for Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2003

Latest version: 3.4 (free program)



If you?ve used TweakUAC, you?ve seen the ?quiet? option it offers that lets you suppress the


elevation prompts of UAC without turning the UAC off completely. In such a mode, you keep all the


positive effects of UAC, such as Internet Explorer operating in the protected mode, applications


starting without the administrative privileges by default, etc. The only thing that gets changed


is that you will no longer see the infamous ?Windows needs your permission to continue? messages


whenever you attempt to make a change to your Vista configuration, or when you run a program that


needs administrative rights.



NeoSmart Technologies is hosting a copy of the Windows Vista Recovery Disc for your convenience.


It is a 120 MiB download, and in the standard ISO format.

Microsoft seems to have realized this problem, and have thankfully made a recovery disc for this


purpose. It contains the contents of the Windows Vista DVD's "recovery center," as we've come to refer to it. It cannot be used to install or reinstall Windows Vista,




how to = Are we compatible? Vista?


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------new http://support.microsoft.com/windowsvista

List of Windows Vista upgrade error messages









http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiG7KFDYkLI :mellow::mellow:

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