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How to do Screen Capture and use Image Hosting Sites

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Now go start>all programs>accessories> paint (or keep a desktop shortcut to paint

Do edit>paste

Do file>save


I use many of the same functions you do, but in a different way.


Paint -> Start/run/mspaint/enter, or WinLogo key + r/mspaint/enter

Paste -> CTRL + V

Save -> CTRL + S


PNG may be a better format, but JPG is universally recognized in image editors and viewers.

Multiple conversions cause image quality loss, so I use JPG.

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Dennis is a bit more upmarket than me as I still use Microsoft paint for my screenshots. smile.gif

In case anyone would like to use the 'built in' screen capture and is unsure, here is a little guide.



With your desktop on screen press PrtScn button once (found to the right of the F12 button)

Hazel, I too use that method a lot.


But I believe the reason tools are mentioned, is it would be a royal pain to use the "built in" method to do video screens, or even multiple snapshots staged 15 frames per second, or even once per second, as part of a compilation set to show say, something that takes more than a single screenie to demo.


Great for single screenies, not so great for the ones that require more!

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I use Deskscan 1.38 (versions 2 suck) to make snapshots of the computerscreen. A small and neat little program. It allows the user to capture the entire screen or a user defined part of the screen. It saves the picture to one's computer harddisk.

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i have this page




the pic or internetpage you want --> press "druck (print)"

--> open paint or so

--> menu "bearbeiten (edit)"

--> submenu "einfügen (insert)"

--> then the image may cropping (what part of the pic you want actually show)

--> save your cropping pic to your harddrive --> with the file extension "jpeg" --> f.e.: "desktop1.jpg"

--> klick to the browser

--> just pick a service for image-upload f.e. after search with google (in my case http://www.bilder-upload.eu/)




--> A click on "durchsuchen (search)" for looking the image on your harddisk or usb you have saved

--> B click on "hochladen (upload)" , this take a moment




--> C choose your link-adress (take the one with "URL=..." --> the link-adress in the middle of this uploadservice

--> this link-adress can you paste in your forumspost


ok, done :)

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hi fans :)
I have one more software to make pictures of the screen (preferably only the active window).
from german software company "Abelssoft" i have found a free tool called "Schirmfoto"
look here...


with this tool i can make a shot from only the single open window  --> no cut, no cover up of private or non relevant data longer necessary.


save in different formats, to share with social networks or print.


it integrates into the window bar and adds a new icon (camera). look to the red arrow on the screenshot, it is not visible on a pic.



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